Sports rehabilitation

bbb physiotherapy is located within bbb health boutique, which means that in addition to a professional practice, we also have an extensive exercise area equipped with coordination, strength, and cardio equipment. This allows us to combine treatments with medical fitness. We can also tailor a complete rehabilitation program for you.

Sports Rehabilitation

In sports rehabilitation, we focus on improving the resilience and flexibility of movement. By performing exercises in a controlled manner and increasing resilience, daily activities such as (stair) walking, cycling, and sports can be resumed without pain and with less effort. Exercises in the bbb heat cabin can be part of the treatment sessions. Moving in heat has a positive effect on muscles and joints, making it easier to move and recover faster.

TRX Coordination Training

During TRX exercises, you primarily work with your own body weight. Training with the TRX system primarily challenges your coordination and stability of your core and back. You don’t train your muscles individually but in chains, where stabilizing the abdomen and lower back form the basis of the movement.

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