Physiotherapy is directly accessible nowadays, so you don't have to go along to the GP first for a referral. Prior to the intake and the examination, we take a screening to make sure you have come to the right place

Compensation bbb physiotherapy

Treatments by bbb, in our practice or true e-consultation, are compensated by all insurers in the Netherlands as long as you are supplementary (additionally) insured. There is a maximum amount of treatments and this differs per policy.

An overview of the best policies for 2024 can be found here.

Chronic indication

In the case of a chronic indication, the first 20 treatments are covered by your supplementary insurance and all following treatments are covered by your basic insurance. If you don’t have supplementary insurance you have to pay for the first 20 treatments yourself. bbb Physiotherapy has agreements with all health insurers in the Netherlands.

Rates bbb physiotherapy 2024

  • € 49,00 session physiotherapy (also possible as e-consultation)
  • € 59,00 manuele therapie
  • € 65,00 intake and examination (also possible as e-consultation)
  • € 60.00 simple short reporting
  • € 90,00 for complicated or various reporting
  • € 29,00 surcharge for indoor house or institution treatment
  • € 219,00 Pragnentfit-course for bbb members
  • € 249,00 Pragnentfit-course
  • € 35,00 in case of no show, or cancellation within 24 hours

Our prices are not subject to VAT. 


Since 2008 there has been a compulsory excess in the basic health insurance for everyone 18 years of age or older. In 2024 this compulsory excess is €385,-. On top of this compulsory excess, you can choose to increase your excess. You then pay a lower monthly premium. This can, legally, to an extra maximum of €500,- (a total of €850,- per adult). Only people who have chosen this voluntary excess increase, when taking out their health insurance, have to pay this extra excess when declaring their care costs. (Physiotherapy) care that is covered by your supplementary insurance does not fall under the compulsory excess.

Per insurance year there is an excess that you pay when you make use of your health insurance, for example, physiotherapy with a chronic referral. Costs incurred by your GP, obstetrician, pre-natal care, (free) public surveys, and care covered by your supplementary insurance do not fall under your excess.

The compensation for physiotherapy covered by basic insurance is limited. Insured persons with a condition that is on the chronic list are reimbursed from the 21st treatment. They must pay the first 20 treatments themselves or declare it under their supplementary insurance.

Extra insurance information

The requirement to pay for the first 20 treatments yourself is once only and does not repeat every year. Exceptions to this are conditions in which the treatment time is limited: 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months. Insured persons under the age of 18 are also bound by this chronic list but they do not have to pay for the first 20 sessions themselves. Young people also have the right to 9 treatments (and 9 extra treatments if required) covered by their basic insurance. This is per indication.

For adults, 9 physiotherapy treatments in conjunction with incontinence are also possible. This is in the form of pelvic floor training given by a trained pelvic floor physiotherapist. Check with your physiotherapist and/or health insurer to see if the treatment is covered by your basic insurance.

With a doctor’s referral in the case of arthritis of the knee or hip, you are eligible for 12 treatments per 12 months from the basic insurance. These treatments do not have any effect on your supplementary insurance. They do, however, fall under your excess. Depending on how much excess you have, the costs will be partially or completely covered.


For insured persons under the age of 18, the chronic indication list is applicable. They do not, however, have to pay for their first 20 sessions. A chronic indication, according to the chronic list, is completely covered for the duration of the determined time frame. For complaints that are not chronic, under the age of 18, you are eligible for 18 treatments. Depending on your policy, this could be per year or indication. Some policies cover all necessary medical treatments. When the maximum coverage has been reached and the parent, under which the child has been added to the polis, has supplementary insurance including physiotherapy, then the child is eligible for the extra physiotherapy coverage, on top of the 18 treatments from the basic insurance (such as described in the added insurance of the parent).