During our Pregnancyfit course, we will teach you a lot about your pregnancy, the delivery, and the phase afterward. In 10 meetings of 75 minutes, that consist of (physical) training and coaching, we make sure you will be prepared mentally and physically for your delivery.

Stay active with Pregnancyfit

There is so much change in the female body around pregnancy that it is important to learn more about it. During the course, attention is paid to pelvic stability and possible complaints. We also work on relaxation, as important as effort. We also discuss how your partner can support you.

By staying active you will improve your energy level, and you sleep better. Also staying active will have a great positive a beneficial effect on your blood flow and weight management. In addition, the risk of complications, such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, is reduced.

In short, your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery will go better with good preparation and a trained body.

You can participate in the course from the 16th week of your pregnancy (after the 1st trimester). We ensure that everyone can train at her level. The course is given by Martine Cranen, certified YVLO pregnantcyfit physiotherapist. There are 8 sessions before and 2 after birth.

Topics to be covered

1- Introduction, pelvic floor, basic stabilization, breathing, relaxation exercises, toilet use.
2- Sexuality and pregnancy, child in the womb.
3- Descent and the start of the digestion phase.
4- Middle and end phase dilation, breathing techniques, what to do with ruptured membranes without falling, pain, and pain perception.
5- Push phase, postures.
6- Birth, placenta, births that don’t go by the book, pain relief
7- Partner evening:
Information for the gentlemen about the classification, opening up, and press phase/birth.
How can your partner help with the delivery and a wish list for your delivery?
8- Review/questions, and discuss postpartum.

After giving birth, you’re welcome to train five times at our holistic gym, bbb health boutique.

Here, we offer programs that can be followed responsibly from six weeks after childbirth. We also focus on food & mind to help you get back in shape safely and healthily!

Also, importantly, as a brand-new mom, you can bring your little one along to bbb during the bring your baby hours.

Registration and insurance for Pregnancyfit

The course costs are €239 euros and for bbb members €219. You will receive an invoice for this. Depending on your health insurance these costs are fully or partially reimbursed. We advise you to contact your health insurance yourself. Your health insurance requires our YVLO-ZwangerFit registration number: #ZF00624.

For more information and registration, please get in touch with – 06 48647837.

The first courses starts:

  • Friday 17th of May 2024. Eight Fridays from 16.00 till 17.15. 
  • Friday 20 of September 2024. Eight Fridays from 16.00 till 17.15. 
  • Friday 22th of November 2024. Eight Fridays from 16.00 till 17.15. 

Pregnantcyfit location: bbb Amsterdam Jordaan – Hazenstraat 51.

For more information and registration, you can contact Martine at – 06 48647837 for Amsterdam, and for Utrecht, you can contact Shauni at – 0683913831.