At bbb physiotherapy, we create a personal plan for you and offer you specific advice so that you can eventually maintain the correct balance and prevent complaints returning.

You are welcome at bbb physiotherapy if you suffer from complaints with your musculoskeletal system. This includes a misfunctioning in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, or joints. We can also treat complaints resulting from a dysfunction in the nervous system, veins, lungs, heart, and skin with physiotherapy. We offer various treatments for lessening pain and focus on improving functional movement.

Dry needling at bbb physiotherapy

Do you suffer from muscle pain, headaches, migraines, or a stiff neck? Dry needling therapy can offer the solution. By inserting small needles into the muscle knots (trigger points) the muscle tenses up shortly. This gives a short feeling of cramp after which the muscle then relaxes and you are able to move more easily. During this treatment, you will hardly feel the insertion of the needle.

Dry needling is compensated by all health insurers.

Trigger point massage at bbb psysiotherapy

Trigger point massage is a massage technique that results in a relaxation or ‘cleansing’ of the muscle at the location of the trigger point. This improves the blood flow meaning that complaints such as headaches, pain in the neck and jaw, lower back pain, and pain in the elbow, wrist, or shoulder can be helped.

Trigger points can also be the cause of complaints, for example;

  • dizziness
  • earache
  • sinusitis
  • nausea
  • stomach acid
  • heart rhythm disorders
  • pain in the genitals
  • numbness in the hands and feet
  • fibromyalgia

Medical taping

This method of taping was developed in the 1970s in Asia and has been used more and more often in The Netherlands. Nowadays you could not imagine the world of top sports without it. It is used here both in a preventative manner as well as for recovery. Depending on the injury, the elastic tape is placed over the length of the muscle or ligament. The amount of stretch allowed in the tape determines the effect. Tape can be used to lessen pain, for improvement of mobility, the reduction of inflammation, or for the stimulation of lymph drainage. Also it characteristics are the same as those of the skin and therefore allowing the tape to feel very natural.

Manual mobilization

Manual therapy recovers the guidance mechanism of the joint by mimicking the healthy movement of the joint. In this way the cause of the functional disorder in the joint is eliminated allowing the joint to recover painlessly.

Exercising before and after birth

Exercising before or after birth can require extra guidance. During your pregnancy your body produces the hormone relaxin which ensures that the muscles and ligaments become softer, allowing the body to prepare for the birth. After giving birth, it is possible that you experience a reduction in strength of the pelvic muscles. Therefore you may experience incontinence, dropping of the uterus (uterine prolapse), or diastasis (an opening between the abdominal stomach muscles). Concluding, we can help by offering awareness and insight into the body, giving postural advice, treating complaints, and offering various exercises. bbb also has specific programs for women during their pregnancy and after giving birth bbb mama‘.