Sports rehabilitation

bbb physical therapy is located within bbb health boutique, which means that in addition to a professional practice, we also offer an extensive exercise room with coordination, strength and cardio equipment. This allows treatment to be combined with medical fitness. We can also put together a complete rehabilitation program for you.

Sport revalidation

Sports rehabilitation is a specialized approach focused on treating injuries related to sports and exercise. It aims to restore athletes to optimal performance levels, using a combination of therapeutic interventions. These programs typically involve physical therapists, sports doctors, and conditioning experts who work together to design a tailored treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of each athlete.

The process begins with an accurate diagnosis, followed by immediate care and strategic treatment. Techniques may include manual therapy, exercise programs, and advanced modalities like ultrasound or laser therapy. Rehabilitation not only focuses on recovery from injury but also on preventing future injuries and enhancing the athlete’s overall performance. The ultimate goal is to ensure athletes return to their sport safely, efficiently, and at a competitive level.

In sports rehabilitation, we focus on improving the capacity and flexibility of movement. By carrying out exercises in a controlled way and increasing flexibility, daily activities such as walking, cycling and sports can be resumed without pain and with less effort. Exercises in the bbb hot cabin can be part of the treatment sessions. Exercising in heat has a positive effect on muscles and joints, allowing you to move more easily and recover faster.

TRX coordination training

During TRX exercises, you work primarily with your own body weight. Training with the TRX system especially appeals to the coordination and stability of your core and back. You train your muscles in chains (not individually), by stabilizing your abdomen and lower back as the basis of the movement.

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