Is there also a partner class?
There is indeed also a partner class, usually one of the classes at the end.

During this period there is one Friday I cannot attend, is it possible to make up this class at another time?
In general, the predetermined dates apply. Here we take into account holidays and school vacations. If a large part of the group cannot make it on the same day, the class will be rescheduled.

How is the class format?
We start with 50 min of exercise, including fitness, strength, relaxation, and breathing exercises. Then there is the necessary coaching where you will learn all about the function of your pelvic floor, the growth of your baby and childbirth, related breathing techniques, birthing positions, what you can and cannot do and briefly discuss sexuality during and after childbirth. Depending on the topic to be covered, this takes 25min. There are no sports during the partner class and it lasts 2 hours.

There are two sessions after childbirth.
In these two classes you will learn how to tighten your pelvic and abdominal muscles and what you can and cannot do during sports. We will mainly exercise together at the level that is possible for you.

If there is someone in the group who is due (much) earlier, can this be taken into account?
Pregnant women may participate from 16 weeks of pregnancy and depending on the number of registrations we will or will not classify how far along you are in your pregnancy.

I hesitate between Pregnancy Fitness and Pregnancy Yoga because for me it is important that the course is as complete as possible.
As mentioned in the classification of the course, relaxation and breathing exercises will also be covered.

What will you cover in the partner class?
In the partner class, all the material covered in previous classes will be repeated. In addition, we will explain how partners can help and what their task is during and after childbirth, but they will also learn what is going on in your body now so that your partner can take better account of you.